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A multi-channel campaign for KFC

How KFC made fast food relevant during New Years celebrations.

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My role

Senior account manager 


  • Process planning

  • Communicating with the client

  • Participating in creative brainstorming

  • Managing cross-functional teams, including web development and digital products

  • Participating in the creation of proposal documents

  • Overseeing the production team

  • Monitoring project KPIs and managing the advertising budget accordingly

  • Communications with vendors and outsource partners

  • Managing PR and media


Georgia is a country with distinguished cuisine and traditional feasts. During the New Year holiday season in particular, familes go to great lengths to prepare for the feast: Families stock up on groceries a week before the date and cooking traditional cuisine usually lasting up to two days. As a result, fast food restaurants suffer during these holidays.

KFC came with a brief to boost their sales during New Year's Eve: To make chicken a relevant dish for the upcoming New Year feasts.


People put a great deal of effort into preparing for New Year’s Eve. Among other traditions, in almost every home you’ll also find the figurines of specific animals: these are the lucky charms chosen according to the Chinese zodiac. According to tradition, this partcular year was the Year of the Ox.

So we asked ourselves: How might we make KFC chicken an important part of traditional feasts? Well, it would be easy if this was the Year of the Chicken so we decided to make it. 

We launched a series of posts on KFC’s Facebook page congratulating people for the upcoming The year of Chicken, and started sharing some tips on how to best prepare for the New Year. Proposals contained ideas of various chicken-branded items that we created as KFC’s accessories that came in gift sets and chicken baskets. 

In response to the flood of comments on social media pointing out that the it was not the Year of the Chicken and in fact, that the Year of the Chicken does not exist in the zodiac, we were able to shoot a series of commercials with a well renowned public figure and astrologer where he gave New Years advice while eating a box of KFC fried chicken.


The funny lyrics to the known melodies, product-heavy videos, beautifully branded and targeted online media campaign made its thing: The social media burst out with excited comments, and KFC’s sales grew by 200% for the holiday season.

At the same time, as the campaign was boosting home delivery services through Wolt, these double-sided ads helped both brands to bring people’s attention. This project strengthened client relationships, as KFC made Redberry their primary agency after the campaign's success, and the partnership is still going strong. 

Our songs also replaced, as you would hear a taxi driver or a random person in the store queue singing it.

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